Employee Spotlight Amanda Peterson


Amanda Peterson


We would like to introduce Amanda Peterson. Amanda is a Loan Assistant and has been with First National Bank of River Falls for four years.

When Peterson is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, horses, and cows.


More interesting facts about Amanda Peterson:

What is a fun unique fact about yourself? – I love History. All kinds of history but the piece of history that fascinates me the most is the history of war. Why, Where, When, Who and How do we learn from it. I want to know it all.

What animal do you think closely matches your personality? – I would really like to say something majestic and beautiful like a horse, but honestly, it’s probably like an otter or red squirrel or something that can’t quit moving or making noise for no reason.

What is your favorite quote? – “Oh Me-ow!”

What was the most unusual or interesting job you have ever had? – I was a pony walker for Happ-E-Hill Pumpkin Patch in Hager City.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? – To make my answer easy, Europe. I want to see everywhere my great-grandfather went during WWII. Where he was shot down, where he found refuge, where he was held captive and where he won his freedom back.

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