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First National Bank of River Falls is proud to offer retirement planning services through by CPR Wealth Advisors (CPR).

CPR Wealth Advisors

CPR Wealth Advisors has an established team that works closely together to provide comprehensive financial, retirement planning, and insurance solutions to support their clients' unique needs and objectives.

CPR Wealth Advisors has solutions for every life stage. Below are just a few ways they may be able to help you along your financial path.

Feel free to contact any of the CPR team members listed to schedule an appointment!

Young Adult
  • Find out what account types are available for college savings.
Young Career
  • Get help with your questions on 401k or 403b plans.
  • Find out what other retirement savings accounts might make sense for your individual situation.
  • Learn about protecting your family with life insurance.
  • Start preparing for retirement by putting a customized Retirement Plan in place.
Empty Nester
  • Let CPR Wealth Advisors help navigate the accumulation stage of retirement planning.
  • Make sure your investment portfolio's risk level matches up with your future goals.
  • Guard against one of the #1 threats to your retirement nest egg by looking into long term care insurance options.
  • Discover solutions to your future income needs.
  • See what products might be available to create a more tax efficient portfolio.
  • Look into estate management for planning distribution of assets.
  • Get advice on the best employee retirement plan for your company.
  • Receive regular check-ups to make sure the plan's investment choices are still appropriate.

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CPR team members

Courtney Doerfler

Financial Advisor

715.386.1335 Contact Courtney
Courtney Doerfler

Financial Advisor

Randy Penkwitz

Financial Advisor

715.386.1335 Contact Randy
Randy Penkwitz

Financial Advisor