#ASW2023 Day 2: Save for the Unexpected


Day Two of America Saves Week encourages us to save for the unexpected. While saving for emergencies is always a much discussed topic in personal finances, here’s something that’s not as widely discussed: saving for opportunities.

If you are in the position to save, you’re not only saving for an unexpected car repair, medical bill, or appliance breaking down — you’re also saving for the last minute dinner invite with friends and family, the concert for your favorite artist, or the ability to grab a birthday gift for your child’s classmate.

Today we want you to consider reframing saving for the “dreaded emergency,” and recognize that you’re also saving for fun and positive opportunities! Doesn’t it feel better to contribute to an OPPORTUNITY FUND vs. an EMERGENCY FUND?

Meet Rachel B, an attorney, entrepreneur, and Mom of 5. She’s sharing her story of an unexpected health crisis that was the catalyst for her family working towards financial stability.

To encourage savings, download this document from AmericaSaves.org
Download this document to define what you are saving for!

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