Digital Wallet

Paying made simple. With digital payments, you can pay with just a touch or a tap with your favorite digital device.

Now you can use Apply Pay with your debit card. Add your card to your iPhone®, Apple Watch®, or iPad® and pay simply and securely at over a million merchants online, in apps and in stores. It's fast, convenient, contact-free and secure. 
  • How can I add my card to Apply Pay?

    iPhone: Open the Wallet app on your iPhone®, tap the plus sign in the upper right corner, enter card information in manually or use your iSight camera

    Apple Watch: Open the Wallet app on your Apple watch, tap "Wallet & Apple Pay" and select "Add a Credit or Debit card", tap "add a different card", enter card information manually

    iPad: Go into settings, tap "Wallet & Apple Pay" and select "Add a Credit or Debit card", tap "add a different card", and enter card information manually or by using your iSight camera
  • Why am I being asked to provide additional information to verify my card?

    This is an extra security step. When prompted, select your verification option (cell phone or email) and enter the one-time passcode sent to you. You may also call the number provided. After completing this you will see a message letting you know your card is ready for Apple Pay.
  • Will Merchants receive my physical card number?

    Most merchants will not have access to your physical card number. They will receive the unique virtual card number associated with your card number.
  • If I erase my card from my Digital Wallet, will that delete my card?

    No. Deleting your card from your digital wallet will have no effect on your physical card. You will no longer be able to use the card for Apple Pay, but you can continue to use your card in store or online.