COVID-19 Loan Assistance Program

During these unprecedented times, First National Bank is here to help. Here are a series of options for you to consider, as we try to provide you with peace of mind so that you can focus on the more important things in life.


If you are an existing consumer loan or home equity line of credit customer, and you have been affected by the COVID-19 situation, you may be eligible for up to a 90-day payment deferral at no charge, in addition to waivers of late fees. 
For further information, contact one of our lenders.

Meet Our Consumer Lenders


We completely understand that cash flow might be tough for you right now.  If so, consider applying for an FNBRF COVID-19 Relief Loan.  Personal loans are available for existing customers up to $10,000 at a low interest rate, and with no required payments for up to six months, based upon your credit score and other qualifying factors.  Contact your loan officer for further details. 


Mortgage loan customers that have been impacted by the COVID-19 situation may qualify for deferred or reduced payments for up to 6 months, along with waivers of late fees.  If you are a mortgage customer in need of this assistance, please call 715.425.2401 and ask for Alison Colburn.


FNBRF has placed a moratorium on all new foreclosure actions, with the exception of abandoned or vacant properties.


Business loan customers that have been impacted by COVID-19 are encouraged to contact their loan officer to discuss payment deferrals, late fee waivers, or loan modifications. 

DISCLOSURE: Payment extensions are not available for all loans. Deferrals are subject to review and approval, which includes a review of your FNBRF account history. Finance charges will continue to accrue at the contract rate. Deferring a payment will result in higher total finance charges than if you made payments as originally scheduled and may extend the term of your loan(s). If you have credit insurance benefits on the loan, these benefits will stop on the original maturity date.