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Debit Cards/Check Cards

First National Bank Debit Card is quick and convenient...

Anywhere you see the MasterCard logo, you can use your Debit Card. That means you can use it for purchases or get cash at ATM machines worldwide.

Activating your card and setting a PIN 

To activate your new debit or ATM card or set a PIN please call 1.800.992.3808.  This service is available 24/7.  If you have questions about this automated service, please call us at 715.426.3111 during normal business hours. 

Lost or Stolen ATM & Debit Cards

If your debit card is lost or stolen please call to notify us immediatly! 
During regular business hours - 715.425.2401  
After hours - 1.800.472.3272

Be sure you monitor your next few statements very carefully.  For any unauthorized transactions, please contact the bank right away.

Tips on taking care of your Debit Card...
Here are a few "dos" and "don'ts" that are important to follow.

  • DO treat your card like cash. Always keep the card in a safe place.
  • DO keep your PIN a secret. Positively DON'T write the number on your card.
  • DON'T disclose information about your card over the phone. DO give your card number and expiration date if you initiated the call to place an order or make a reservation.
  • DON'T expose your card's magnetic strip to magnetic objects. A magnetic name tag or badge in a purse will make the card in your wallet ineffective.
  • DO report lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • DO review your account statements.

MasterCard Secure Code

If you already have a MasterCard Debit Card from First National, you may want to sign up for MasterCard Secure Code.  Secure Code is a new online security service to guard against the unauthorized use of your card while shopping online at participating merchants.  Itís easy to sign up.  Click the link below for more information or to sign up today!

MasterCard Secure Code

First National Bank ATM locations

Special Information about International Check Card Transactions

Recently banks have detected an increased number of fraudulent Check Card transactions originating from international merchants.  Consequently, security has been increased which may result in the denial of some legitimate international transactions.  If you intend on using your Check Card outside of the country (this includes Canada and the Caribbean), please let us know which countries you will be visiting and when you expect to return.  Please contact us at 715.425.2401 with your intended travel plans.