Avoid inconvenience & embarrassment due to declined ATM and Debit transactions by saying YES to overdraft protection.
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Checking Comparison Chart

Account Minimum Balance Monthly Fee Interest Debit Card ATM Refunds Free Checks Popmoney Refunds Bill Pay Avail Minimum opening deposit 
First Choice $0 $0 Yes Free Yes No Yes Yes (with discount pricing)  $100
Student First $0 $0 No Free No        1st order free Yes Free  $20
Freedom $0 $0 No Free No Free No Yes  $100
Freedom Plus $100 $0 Yes Free No 1/year No Yes  $100
Freedom Plus Gold* $0 $6.95 Yes Free No Free No Yes  $100
Fortune 50 Min balance is $1500 or deposit relationship of
$0 Yes Free No Free No Yes  $100

All personal accounts also receive FREE Online Banking.