Merchant Services

Sell More. Get Paid. Run Your Business Better.

An all-in-one management system designed to help you take care of business, Clover offers options that allow you to rightsize your business solutions - and get more done than ever before.

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Clover Station: Run your business with our most powerful countertop point-of-sale system. Clover Station features a swivel touchscreen, printer, and optional cash drawer. With access to Clover apps, you can track inventory, manage time sheets, run reports and more. Clover Mini: Get full-scale point-of-sale functionality in a sleek and compact terminal. Clover Mini is the ultimate solution for small businesses that want an advanced payment device that provides options as your business grows. Custom apps help you manage everything from accounting to marketing.
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Clover Flex: Robust functionality. Ultimate flexibility. Total simplicity. Clover Flex is ideal for businesses that need to accept payments away from the counter. The mobile, smart payment solution has a built-in printer, scanner and camera to help streamline checkout and keep business running smoothly. Clover Go: Connect via Bluetooth to accept touchless, EMV-enabled chip, and magnetic stripe card payments right from your phone or tablet. Clover Go allows you to accept signatures on your tablet or smartphone and deliver to customers by email or text. The virtual terminal allows you to manually key in and process card payments, send receipts and issue refunds from any web-connected device.

Clover Security

Secure Card Information Protect Your Data
With TransArmor Data Protection, every transaction is encrypted and tokenized to help protect card data in the event of a breach. Automatic and secure cloud backups help prevent data loss if your equipment is damaged or stolen.

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