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Mobile Banking

Mobile Deposit Now Available!

It's banking at your fingertips! Keep up to date on your account Anytime, Anywhere!

There are 3 different types of Mobile Banking available to suit every type of phone. To sign up for Mobile Banking, login to your Online Banking Account, go to "Options" and scroll down to "Mobile Banking Profile."

Download our App! Use a mobile browser Text Bank
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Dowload our App for the most up to date easy to use Mobile Banking. Pay bills, transfer funds, look up account balances, deposit your checks and more! It's easy mobile navigation to bank information at your fingertips.  Use short codes to get your bank account information sent to your phone!
Text: 96924
Bal - balance
STOP - to cancel

To learn more watch our Mobile Banking Video here!

For more questions please call one of our Relationship Bankers at 715.425.2401